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volume 30 of n.paradoxa was published in July 2012. There is now a dynamic searchable site of information on feminist art and n.paradoxa articles at
The 15 year history of the journal is archived at this site.

A short history of journal
n.paradoxa was set up in Dec 1996 as an online journal. 21 issues have been published since that date. These are now archived at as the former site at closed in January 2011.
FACES members may know this former online site better than the print version which began in January 1998.
In January 1998, a print version of n.paradoxa was started. This has been published bi-annually since then. These two forms have very different content.

WORKING DOCUMENTS. Relatos de la cultura inmaterial

Event Start: 
14/01/2009 - 19:30
Event End: 
16/01/2009 - 21:00

MIÉRCOLES 14 de enero / 19.30 h
Librería La Central del Raval (Elisabets, 6. Barcelona)

Presentación del libro Plan Rosebud: sobre imágenes, lugares y políticas de memoria. Intervendrán: María Ruido (editora), Jorge Blasco y Virginia Villaplana (colaboradores del libro).

El libro completa el proyecto de investigación "Plan Rosebud", que fija su atención en la crítica a las narrativas mediáticas oficiales sobre la transición española y sobre las políticas de memoria actuales, así como las relaciones de la construcción de memoria con la producción cultural, tanto en el estado español como en Gran Bretaña.

Reality and Documentation: An artist talk between Rosa Barba, Aernout Mik and Hito Steyerl

Throughout the last years the role of documentarisms in contemporary art was frequently and widely discussed. At its centre, there was always the question of the capacities of documentarisms to represent reality, the question in how far those documentarisms necessarily deviate from reality. In an artist talk between Rosa Barba, Aernout Mik and Hito Steyerl those
documentarisms will be discussed as a means of artistic praxis. All three artists base their work on documentary forms and researches but at the same time their ways of dealing with those means differ largely.

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