FACES - neuroaesthetics http://faces-l.net/en/taxonomy/term/870/0 en pinar yoldas http://faces-l.net/en/content/pinar-yoldas <p>Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist, all-in-one designer and a neuro-enthusiast.<br /> Through her work she investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. Lately she has been designing mutations, tumors and neoplasmic organs to rethink the body and its sexuality transformed by the mostly urban habitats of techno-capitalist consumerism. Her current project Speculative Biologies simulates the experience of a " natural history museum of the future" showcasing Species of Excess elegantly caged in incubators, jars, aquariums.</p> <p><a href="http://faces-l.net/en/content/pinar-yoldas">read more</a></p> art durham evolution interface design Istanbul Los Angeles neuroaesthetics queer possibilities speculative biology Tue, 24 Jan 2012 05:50:57 +0000 pinaryoldas 703 at http://faces-l.net