FACES - media http://faces-l.net/en/taxonomy/term/521/0 en European Media Art Festival, Osnabrueck 18-22 April 2012 http://faces-l.net/en/content/european-media-art-festival-osnabrueck-18-22-april-2012 <p>EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art. As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and an audience of experts the festival has a great impact on the topics and aesthetics of Media Art. Each year the festival offers its visitors a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements from the pulsating area of “Media Art – Society”. The Festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where extraordinary works, experiments and ventures are created and presented.</p> http://faces-l.net/en/content/european-media-art-festival-osnabrueck-18-22-april-2012#comments announcement community experimental film media performance video Tue, 10 Apr 2012 11:39:22 +0000 kathy.rae.huffman 709 at http://faces-l.net Waking up to a bad dream.... http://faces-l.net/en/node/407 <p>iranian presidential election 2009 subjective and incomplete report by seda naiumadIran<br /> <a href="https://un.poivron.org/~tasche/index.php?page=index" title="https://un.poivron.org/~tasche/index.php?page=index">https://un.poivron.org/~tasche/index.php?page=index</a></p> <p>tue, june 23, 3.32 am, today i suddenly lost my fear in the midst of streetfightings. it is so weird which rollercoster of emotions one experiences in these past weeks, days, hours, minutes. on saturday the presence of raging militia plus the expectation of gunfire made me scared shitless. it also created this feeling of hopelessness and powerlessness. today i hadn't planned to go to any demonstrations. i was invited for dinner and i decided to go earlier to not get into any trouble on the street. they were saying that there is a demonstration at ferdowsi and i wanted to go to karim khan which is further up. my friends told me that hafte tir is calm. i got on a taxi to hafte tir at parkway. we got stuck in thick traffic and the driver choose to go through the little alleys instead. but we got stuck there too. slowly getting closer to hafte tir suddenly people were running towards us. they ran in the middle of the street between the cars and on the sidewalk. after them came black motorbikes with men in camouflage and black with batons and paintball guns. they were big guys, their faces distorted from the wish to destroy. they looked like they were on cocain. with high speed they drove on the sidewalk trying to single out individuals to catch them. the men on the backseats were shooting with orange paintballs.</p> <p><a href="http://faces-l.net/en/node/407">read more</a></p> http://faces-l.net/en/node/407#comments election media resistance women reports Wed, 24 Jun 2009 12:39:06 +0000 dia 407 at http://faces-l.net