FACES - printmaking http://faces-l.net/en/taxonomy/term/867/0 en Josely Carvalho http://faces-l.net/en/content/josely-carvalho <p>My individual work as an artist has developed within the structure of a visual diary - a journal, perhaps a journey. "Diary of Images", the name I have given to the body of my work, is an on-going process, a record of events, an exposé of cultural issues, a receptacle of personal and collective memories. From photo-silkscreen to video, from physical to digital, the body of my work in the last 30 years can be described as an open hybrid book. At present, I have added olfactory art as a new medium and its capacity to resurface emotions and individual/collective memories.</p> <p><a href="http://faces-l.net/en/content/josely-carvalho">read more</a></p> installation internet New York olfactory art photography printmaking Rio de Janeiro video Mon, 02 Jan 2012 18:53:21 +0000 Josely Carvalho 701 at http://faces-l.net