eva ursprung

free lancing artist and curator
art in the electronic, social and public spaces
video, soundworks, photography, installations, performance
electronics and saxophone in various bands: wavegroom, notorious noise brigade, ursprung/rottleuthner ...
founder and president of schaumbad - freies atelierhaus graz

Cym Net

Traveling around Europe, researching the relation between virtual reality and real life, circumnavigating the question of success and failure. Recently transforming an old farm in southeast Austria into a modern art center.


No Men's Land

In her project 'No Men's Land' cym creates a transition of a real life situation into an abstract, almost poetic, composition that can be viewed only by the means of modern technology (a web browser). The original photos show the imaginary lines that define the different European countries and show the transitions of these imaginary lines through recent time.

Sol Haring

dr. sol haring

* digital narratives
* researcher, lecturer, musician
* graz - new york city - strantschitschach

Universitaet Graz
applied "learning-world" research -
ageing & gender & biography
yeah: A shopping window in Brighton Beach "Little Odessa" in NYCyeah: A shopping window in Brighton Beach "Little Odessa" in NYC

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