join us on the train Ars -> ETC London:Linz:Istanbul

Anyone interest in joining us for all or part of an overland trip this September, London->Linz->Istanbul, for art, tech and ecology?

"The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of women with a critical interested in Free Information and Open Standards technology. The event creates an opportunity for women to network, exchange skills and have fun!"

I've been working with Aileen Derieg and Rob from Arts Catalyst to plan an overland treck in early September from London to Linz (for Ars Electronica) then on to Istanbul (for ETC + the Istanbul Biennial starts around the same time).

The idea to find an alternative, land-based (an perhaps more enjoyable) way of getting about and spending time with people on the way to and from conferences, fairs and exhibitions, came about as a result of Marc's and my recent pledge not to fly for art for 6 months.

Aileen and I will be making the outward trip from Linz to Turkey together a couple of others are thinking about it and I'd love to hear from anyone that would like to join us for all or any part of the journey.

You can buy an interrail ticket for E250 that allows you to travel for 5 days within 10 days.

This is my itinerary below so please get in touch if you would like to join us.

My Itinerary looks like this at the moment:
3rd Sept leave London 8.35 Eurostar->Brussels->Linz arrive at 9.45pm
6th Sept leave Linz (evening)->Vienna->Sophia->Istanbul arrive 8.20am 8th September (to help with set up; )

Unfortunately I have to be back in London by 13th so I will be leaving on the evening of the 10th (so probably not relevant to most) but just in case here is what this itinerary looks like.
If I decide to travel home only by train the journey back will look like this...
10th Sept 10pm Leave Istanbul ->Beograd->Vienna->Frankfurt->Brussels arrive 12th September 9.35pm-> Eurostar to London arrives 9am 13th September.
but its possible that I could get the coach from Istanbul through thessaloniki->then a ferry to Italy->trains back to london for the 13th September.

Still working out how to keep train travel down to 5 days to stay within the limits set by the 10 day E250 Interrail ticket