prologue: Transitional Geographies / Feminist Mapping at ISEA

The Prologue Panel will take place during ISEA on: Friday, 28 August 2009 at 14:00 at the Main Hub: Waterfront Hall, Belfast, Lanyon Place.

The Prologue Surgery will take place at: Golden Thread Gallery at 14:00.

The panel [Prologue]: Transitional Geographies / Feminist Mapping explores the cultural and political impact of European enlargement on feminist art and discourse: feminist participation in the cultural, economic, technological and structural spheres of a changing Europe remains a challenge. This panel aims to map out the crucial issues of how and where feminism remains a radical innovator in art, technology and society and to make public contemporary feminist art and discourse. The panelists - media artists, theorists and sociologists - are invited to reflect on the impact of shifting European borders and interests. This is extended to how feminist work addresses these changes.

join us on the train Ars -> ETC London:Linz:Istanbul

Anyone interest in joining us for all or part of an overland trip this September, London->Linz->Istanbul, for art, tech and ecology?

"The Eclectic Tech Carnival is a gathering of women with a critical interested in Free Information and Open Standards technology. The event creates an opportunity for women to network, exchange skills and have fun!"

I've been working with Aileen Derieg and Rob from Arts Catalyst to plan an overland treck in early September from London to Linz (for Ars Electronica) then on to Istanbul (for ETC + the Istanbul Biennial starts around the same time).

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