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Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez

Interdisciplinary artist walking the line between organic and digital art, free of any commitment to trends and 'isms' to in order to freely create my work.

I operate under the name QUIET REVOLUTION, which I consider an instigative state of mind permeating the worlds of conceptual and performance art, installation, videodance, video-poetry, filmmaking, printmaking, videoart, VJ'ing, investigations and propositions in media culture and the global internetworked society.

Varsha Nair


(drawing by Lena Eriksson)

Varsha Nair has exhibited her solo and collaborative works internationally, and in Thailand where she has lived since 1995. Editorial board member of the web art journal Ctrl+P, she has also curated and organized art exhibitions and projects including for Womanifesto.
Currently also developing a community based project in sites in India, and working on a collaborative performance work

Vesna Nikolic

Test account for the faces-l-admin team
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Vibeke Jensen

I am concerned with 'what is at stake' in a given public space, finding connections between subjectivity and the collective, micro-politics and macro-politics. My projects deal with breaking borders and boundaries, visualizing hidden power structures, and the relationships between openness and control. Trying to define a moment where something is put in motion, opens up and touches deep down.

virginia villaplana


explores writing as a negotiation between tales of fiction and documentaries, gender narratives, the strategies from Do it yourself to Do it together, the palimpsest, contextual participation and means in cultural practice.



lives and works in Rotterdam. She is a IT Manager with a great interest in communication and in people. In the beginning of 1996 she founded the Webgrrls Chapter in Holland and Belgium. Left Webgrrls in 1997. Now Corrine has her own Computer Consultancy Business called Webdiva http://www.webdiva.nl

Wietske Harmanna Maas

My background is a miscellany of different tangents: working as a painter, a museum ornithology preparator (taxidermist), a sommelier and radio-making. Based in Amsterdam since 2005, 5've been working with the European Cultural Foundation’s arts programme.