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Melinda Rackham

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Melinda makes things happen in networked, distributed, intimate, urban, regional and virtual spaces. For 25 years she has been engaged in personal creative practices across sculpture, performance, net art, multi-user environments, art science collaborations, public displays, gallery intervention; and contributed to the development of networked and emerging art practices as a convener, curator, publisher, critic and editor of exhibitions, forums, conferences and masterclasses in both hard and sand soft space.

Montse Romani

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Montse Romaní is a researcher and cultural producer mostly based in Barcelona (Spain). She has worked extensively in the fields of post-Fordist work-conditions, collaborative art practices, the transformations of urban spaces, gender and visual culture. As a programmer, she collaborates with the International Women’s Film Festival, Barcelona since 2003. http://www.mostrafilmsdones.cat/

nancy buchanan

Graduated from UC Irvine; worked in performance art 1974-1987; have made videotapes and installations since 1977. Involved in many artists' groups, including F Space, the Los Angeles Woman's Building, Double X, LACE. Teaching in the School of Film/Video at CalArts since 1988. Recent exhibitions include "Los Angeles 1955-1985," Centre Pompidou, "California Video," Getty Institute, Los Angeles.

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude [1975 - *]

Performing artist working with experimental media in fine art and theatre contexts.
Based in Tasmania.

Artistic practice revolves around the combinations of bricolage, metaphysics and Linux computing. This research is based in speculative experimentation with performance, bricolage and electronic media.

Nina Czegledy

working as media artist, curator and writer internationally on collaborative art& science& technology projects
affiliated with University of Toronto, Concordia Montreal, Moholy Nagy University, Budapest
co-chair Leonardo Education Forum

Nina Hoechtl

The making of each work transforms the way I see myself and the world around me. Once I start engaging in the process of working I'm embarking as well upon a journey whose point of arrival is unkown to me. For me, intentions and preconceived ideas have a very limited role in the creative process. More fascinating are the impasses, the unexpected procedures, the accidents, the unwanted discoveries, as well as time wasted and useless moves. I'm thus working in different mediums, always looking for the one that is matching to mediate what I want to tell during the process of working. Out of a personal passion either I'm visiting people that fascinate me and talk with them or I'm inviting people to participate in the process of my projects.

Pamela Vitale


Artist by nature all my life born to be creative in every way...painter, dancer, performance, music/sound, sculpture, video, poetry...screenplays, indie films you name it I've tried it.

In my creative process I express the deepest darkest ideas of the mind, soul and body by using situations, figures and artificial shapes to emulate nature in a futuristic way. I also use layering, transparency and texture to express these ideas...whether societal, emotional or political.

Pascale Barret


In Situ->video->drawing/ sound->text->performance/ virtual & physical spaces/ avatars->identities->gender & animal Studies->labo-science/ Gueer(Geek&Queer)

"Pascale Barret is a contemporary media artist working with emotions, interaction, intimacy...
Her artistic research builds many links with the scientific research, numerical worlds (data, virtual geometries, avatars, physical and natural models …) and with the physical world and the individual.
Her questions by this search approach topics such as the identity in the metaverse, the place of the body in technology, the representation of oneself in a virtual world, the interactions with mixed environments, presence and immersion, interface between body and technology."

Paula Levine

Mapping/new cartographic tools like OpenStreetMap (collaborative mapping) & GoogleEarth/ GIS/GPS and the radical shifts taking place in our spatial, geographic and subjective perceptions as well as the expanded possibilities of interventions as the result of these changes.

pinar yoldas


Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist, all-in-one designer and a neuro-enthusiast.
Through her work she investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. Lately she has been designing mutations, tumors and neoplasmic organs to rethink the body and its sexuality transformed by the mostly urban habitats of techno-capitalist consumerism. Her current project Speculative Biologies simulates the experience of a " natural history museum of the future" showcasing Species of Excess elegantly caged in incubators, jars, aquariums.