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Maria Ptqk

Ptqk (Maria Perez, Bilbao 1976) is a cultural producer and researcher working at the confluence of social communication, cultural studies, gender and media. She currently teaches Digital Edition at UOC (Universitat Oberta de Catalunya), writes about media art and contemporary culture in newspapers and magazines and works as a freelance cultural worker. She lives in Berlin.

Marie Madeline Sivak

Marie Sivak is an interdisciplinary artist working in sculpture,installation, video, performance and drawing. Her critically acclaimed work combines traditional stone carving techniques with embedded and projected video. Her work investigates the psychology of memory and the nature of human relationships in contemporary terms. She is represented by AIR gallery in Brooklyn, New York.

My Sites: 

Marina Zurkow

Marina Zurkow makes psychological, animated narratives about humans and their relationship to animals, plants and the weather. These have taken the form of multi-channel videos, customized multi-screen computer pieces, cartoons, and interactive mobile works.

Marischka Klinkhamer

I am currently making instalations and performance in the virtual world of Secondlife. This has been my prefered creative platform for the last two years because of the possiblity to meet international artists and bring together most 2 and 3D mediums, like multi-media, sculpture and animation, in real time.

I am interested in that which lays between, the area where binary codes and constructs collapse and cease to function. Gender bending and blending is in my experience the only area that truly confronts and breaks down all these codes.

My Sites: 

Design and animation of Metropolis robot for a virtual remake of Metropolis in Secondlife:

Animation of workers unrest scene for Metropolis (only the unrest scene animation is my work):
An edit that another machinima maker made from the same scene:

Artist in residence work at Diabolis in Secondlife (The avatar with the nologo t-shirt on is not me!)

Different instalations - more of the same:


Marlena Gesine Corcoran

lyric, drama, sound, memoir, myth, story, ASL, literacy, Plaintext Players, sign language, Orpheus, Isis, Athena, Helena, the story of salvation, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five

Marlena Novak

I am interested in the social and philosophical implications that exist when one realizes that ‘seeing is not believing', since it is within the limits of our perceptual framework that we interpret and act within the world. My work focuses on the construction of realities through our perceptual faculties, with the conceptual basis of the work determining the method and material used in its expression. This has included the use of interactive digital electronics as well as low-tech means in exploring themes as varied as abstract narrative, boundaries relating to physical and intangible properties, issues of trespass, and the mating behavior of hermaphroditic flatworms.

My Sites: 

martina freundorfer


Diplom-Informatikerin (FH), Webentwicklerin bei mobile.de. Sie ist langjähriges aktives Mitglied in folgenden Vereinen:

- dib e.V. (deutscher ingenieurinnenbund)
- webgrrls (Businessnetzwerk für Frauen im Web)
- Chaos Computer Club (CCC e.V.)

Ihre thematischen Schwerpunkte sind die Vor- und Nachteile von Web
2.0 und die informationelle Selbstbestimmung im Netz.

Vortragsthemen auf Deutsch und Englisch z.B.:

- Facebook, Twitter, XING, LinkedIn - Kommunikation unter Frauen
- Geocaching - Schatzsuche per GPS und Koordinaten
- E-Mail-Verschlüsselung mit PGP
- Social Media Interaktion - Podcasting, Blogs, Videos
- Webentwicklung - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
- Gender Diversity, Feminismus, Frauen in der Technik
- Datenschutz, IT-Sicherheit

martine anderfuhren

Studied visual art and visual communication in Berlin and Geneva. Worked as graphic designer, curatrice and artist. Actually, professor(trice) in the School of art and design, Geneva, section visual communication. Ongoing project with pre-school kids on gardening as an "artistic" practice - an attitude towards live

Maru Ituarte

I am a video artist, living and working in Berlin. Among others, my fields of interest include aesthetics, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, developmental psychology and education. I don't consider myself very political, but recently I've been drawn to address (out of self-interest, I'm afraid) certain issues in cultural politics and human rights.

Megan Heuer

My research is focused on 20th century art and histories and theories of modernism; specific interests include the intersections of film and the visual arts, the history of psychoanalysis, the aesthetics of machines, and contemporary uses of Marxist theory. I received my B.A. in Women's and Gender Studies from Yale and completed an M.A. in art history at Columbia. I am currently a PhD candidate at Princeton.