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Lubi has been curating from The Block New Media Exhibition Space located at QUT Precincts, Kelvin Grove since 2005, working both locally, nationally and internationally on large scale new media programs, and a range of other diverse creative projects. She is responsible for developing the current and ongoing exhibition program for the Creative Industries Precinct, the extensive public program schedules, that scaffold not only the exhibition program, but also engage with the Creative Industries Precinct’s communities and the growing curatorial intern program, that engages with both under and post graduate students studying at QUT.

Lubi Thomas

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I have been consistently curating from the Queensland University of Technology’s [QUT] ‘Block’ New Media Exhibition Space since 2005, working both nationally and internationally on a number of exhibitions and large New Media projects. She has been responsible for developing the current and ongoing exhibition program for the Block, as well as the extensive public program schedules that scaffold, not only the exhibition program, but also the Creative Industries Precinct’s communities. 2009 sees the start on the ‘Para Place Project’, with a mandate to exhibit creative works on the large public projection space, every night of the year.

Lucy Hg

The League of Imaginary Scientists: members of the LeagueThe League of Imaginary Scientists: members of the League As research coordinator for the League of Imaginary Scientists, Lucy Hg facilitates collaborative endeavors by an international community of creative scientists, mechanically-inclined artists, and absurdist inventors (think subterfuge meets centrifuge). Multidisciplinary projects by Lucy Hg and the League exhibit globally. Her catalog of Imaginary Science, consisting of animated diagrams of everyday life, was featured in Colombia’s celebration of the World Year of Physics in Bogotá in 2005.

lynn hershman

new and innovative ways to address culture, and in particular ways to change how we see nature, and art that addresses global change and sustainability

Macu Moran


As economist in the arts I had a dream: a clarified market for ideas. Yes, ideas, as intangible as digital production, nothing too crazy. So I started by digital art production, VideoArtWorld, creating standards to respect, responsibly acquire and preserve the intangible heritage. It worked! After decades facing all sorts of handicaps, video art is now part of the art market.

Next step, a profitable non-polluting industry of ideas exchanges, which will only be possible respecting each input of professionals working in the industry of thought.

I can buy you a flower, but work is work.

'Long live the immaterial!' Yves Klein.


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I’m a researcher, sonic artist and theorist working with the trans literary notion of sound in language. I am doing practice led research as a PhD at QUT in Australia. I am also the founder of GIRRL [girrlsound : digital girrl]. GIRRL is a new international organization that promotes and support women working in sonic and digital arts. http://girrl-girrlsound-digitalgirrl.org

Creatively and theoretically I work across sound/text, the gallery and the web. I’m interested in the excess of language and literatures and slippages between genres. I make digital operas or operations compressing different fields together much like the notion of gesamtwert or aggregate value, in that I stage animated digital dummies like ventriloquist dummies, performing scores of sound.

Mare Tralla

Mare Tralla [aka Disgusting Girl] is an Estonian-born media artist and organiser who currently lives and works in London. Currently she is a phD student at University of Westminster researching cyberfeminist art practices in Eastern-Europe in 1990s and how participation in international networks (like Faces) has influenced local practices. In Estonia she is notoriously known as feminist artist, starting with co-organising first Estonian feminist art project ‘Est.Fem’ in 1995, she became widely known in Estonian mainstream media as 'revolting female'. Her often self-ironic art questions the place and the role of women in our societies and how women from Eastern Europe are perceived or seen as in the Western world.

Margit Nobis

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Margit Nobis,
Visual Artist,

1977 born in Salzburg
lives in Vienna, A

- Master's degree "Experimental Design"
/ University of Art and Design Linz
- Academic exchange / University of the
West of England, AMD, Bristol

Working in the fields of

Maria Elena Buszek


Maria Buszek, Ph.D. is a scholar, critic, curator, and Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Colorado Denver, where she teaches Modern and contemporary art.

Maria Martinez-Cañas

I was born in Havana, Cuba, grew up in Puerto Rico and live in the US since 1978. I received a B.F.A. in Photography from the Philadelphia College of Art and an M.F.A. from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago. I am an artist who works with innovative, non-traditional photographic media, and have exhibited extensively in the United States and abroad. I am the recipient of a Cintas Fellowship; a National Endowment for the Arts award; and a Fulbright-Hays Grant, among others.