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Anne Roth


I'm a media activist, blogger, journalist, translator, mother of two and since July '07 mostly known for being the partner of Andrej Holm who was arrested in our home for being terrorist. Two months later I started blogging about living with an anti-terror investigation. When being the focus of this calmed down a bit I started writing more about the War against Terror in general, issues of surveillance, data protection, civil rights, but also media and web 2.0.

Apart from all this (or: in my former life) I'm interested and involved in sharing knowledge with women about technology. Networks I'm involved in include Eclectic Tech Carnival" and the Genderchangers.

Annetta Kapon

Annetta Kapon’s multi-media works, videos, sculptures, photos and drawings, are structured on ideas of horizontality, photography, language, labor and repetition. Her highly mediated representations are of things that are not what they appear to be, yet they do not lie. Her uncanny sculptures often contain familiar objects whose combinations and recontextualizations allow a rethinking of their political, historic and symbolic meaning.

azdel slade / micha cardenas


Micha Cárdenas / dj lotu5 / Azdel Slade is a transgender artist, theorist and trouble maker. She will be a Lecturer in the Visual Arts department at UCSD in Fall and Winter of 2009. She is an Artist/Researcher in the Experimental Game Lab at CRCA and the b.a.n.g. lab at Calit2. Her interests include the interplay of technology, gender, sex and biopolitics. She blogs at Transreal.org. Micha holds an MFA from the University of California San Diego, an MA in Media and Communications with distinction from the European Graduate School and a BS in Computer Science from Florida International University. Micha recently joined the Lui Velazquez space in Tijuana as a curator and collective member.

Barbara von Rechbach

Barbara von Rechbach is research fellow and consultant for Crossmedia and Exhibition Design and Management at the Department for Image Science, Danube University Krems. She is course leader for the MSc-program for Crossmedia Design & Development and lecturer for Exhibition Design and Management and Media Design/eEducation with a focus on Social Media and Viral Marketing for arts, culture and science.
Barbara has a background in media arts and hypermedia and is planning a PhD in Design Theory at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Prof. Alison Clarke) about Deviant Products.

Beth Capper

I am a Chicago-based media art historian and amateur archivist. Currently I am researching and creating a web-based archive bringing together the work and documents of Shirley Clarke and the Tee Pee Video Space Troupe.

brigitte neufeldt

My main work is about the human body. I ask myself: what about the corporal punishment. This is the reason I made movies about toughening and performances of myself.
I was near 50 aged when I started with the studies of fine arts at Hbk Saar. The reason for the late beginning is that after a first profession as a geriatric nurse I have had a mighty acccident. Since this accident I am not able to work in thsi first profession.
And so i start with the studies of fine arts very late...

Bryne Rasmussen

Screen Shot 2012-02-14 at 2.57.01 PM.png

Bryne Rasmussen is an artist from Chicago currently living in Los Angeles while working on an MFA in the Art and Technology program at the California Institute of the Arts.

Caitlin Berrigan

Art that ingests / An erotics of the incorporation of the Other / Gain at the expense of contamination / Art that exists in the bodies of the audience / Abrupt dissolution of boundaries

Caitlin Berrigan’s practice is conceptual, carried by material things: tactile and edible sculpture, immersive installation, electronic media and participatory performance. She is interested in alluring objects and situations that must be activated by participants, initiating an experience in their bodies that connects physiology and intellect. The artwork itself becomes embodied, producing sensate forms of knowledge.

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Cherry Truluck


I am a live artist and theatre designer.
My work focuses on domestic and site-specific narratives in a cyberspatial context.
I work independently, creating multimedia installation work and multimedia design for theatre and also as part of ActiveLayers, a cyberformance group.

Chie Yamayoshi

My videos and films often interrogate the viewer's desire to ascribe Japanese femininity to my work, an imperative of Western culture wherein the "artist-as-other" must reference identity politics as a primary footnote to their work.


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