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- i am a curator/booker at the venue ausland booking musicians/bands like Haco, Kaffe Matthews,Verity Susman, Billy Roisz, Selvhenter, Chra...
- i also make music with diy-instruments/synthesizers and plants
- i am one of the host from "raudio aasland"@reboot fm and make radio documentaries on rbb kulturradio and deutschlandradio kultur
- working on my first movie soundtrack based on the sounds of plants at the moment
-filmmaker and script writer

interested in and try to connect technology, feminism, stories and sounds

Claire Jervert

As a visual artist and curator working in NYC, my work examines communication technology and our perceptions of it. I studied at the University of Washington in Seattle and graduated from Rutgers University in 1986. In 2008 I received a Mid Atlantic Foundation for the Arts Fellowship for Painting and was awarded a digital residency at Atlantic Center for the Arts. I have exhibited in numerous venues including two solo exhibitions in NYC. My work is in several collections including the West/SAI, AG Rosen and the Sprint Art Collection. Reviews include the New York Times, The New Yorker, and Frieze, among others. My work is published in several exhibition book/catalogues and discussed and featured on the cover of The UFO Show, University of Illinois Art Museum Press.

Clea T. Waite


Clea T. Waite is a research-artist whose experimental video works examine the meta-meanings found in unlikely correspondences between science and myth. Native to New York City and based in Berlin, Waite studied Physics at MIT and 3D Computer Graphics at the MIT Media Lab. Her artistic process incorporates a dual path of inquiry, balancing aesthetic exploration with innovative, technical realization. She creates sensual, non-linear, visual poems which playfully explore the human oeuvre. Waite has held positions at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and the Academy of Film &Television (HFF), Babelsberg. She has been a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and other institutions. Her works have been exhibited and received prizes internationally.

Corinne Kruger


I am Corinne and work as an artist at the moment. I work in three field; photography, animation and online artprojects.

More about me: http://www.linkedin.com/in/corinnekruger

Cym Net

Traveling around Europe, researching the relation between virtual reality and real life, circumnavigating the question of success and failure. Recently transforming an old farm in southeast Austria into a modern art center.


No Men's Land

In her project 'No Men's Land' cym creates a transition of a real life situation into an abstract, almost poetic, composition that can be viewed only by the means of modern technology (a web browser). The original photos show the imaginary lines that define the different European countries and show the transitions of these imaginary lines through recent time.

Daniela Reimann


I am a researcher in integrated media arts, sciences and technology education, currently working at KIT, the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology's Institute of Vocational and General Education. I run Media Arts Education at http://daniela-reimann.de/media-arts-education.

Deborah Louise Kelly

I'm interested in history, culture and politics. My work reflects these interests through various media and modes of dissemination. I love to work with other people, work alone, read, make art, talk to artists, listen to ideas, swim in the sea.

Debra Solomon

In 2004, Debra Solomon (US/NL) began publishing her independent research on culiblog.org on food, food culture, and the culture that grows our food. Culiblog.org is an internationally recognized resource about food systems, sustainability, urban agriculture, food-related art/design, architecture, and urban planning.

Solomon’s recent work includes temporary 'concept' restaurants e.g. a sprout restaurant exclusively serving micro-greens based up on the notion that anyone, even those without land and light can contribute to feeding themselves.

Deej Fabyc

I am interested in the geographies of surveillance and the body. My work moves from the directly "say it as it is" biographical to the layering of fictional biographies onto the city, the gallery and the virtual.

Coming from initial studies in sculpture and printmaking I have been making work in various forms for some time starting off with political poster, sticker making and super 8 film making in the 1980's and moving to new media and video in 1988. You can see more of my solo projects at www.fabyc.co.uk.

I am very interested in the mother/daughter relationship and have made a lot of work that engages both with my relationship with my long dead mother and that of being a mother.

Diana McCarty

I was born and raised in New Mexico and have lived in Europe since 1993 - Budapest in 90's and Berlin in the 2000s. I am a co-founder of the faces mailing list and a happy collaborator of the Prologue: New Feminism New Europe project. Watch out for Tallin!

Most of my time is spent working with a few radio projects, mostly in Berlin - at present, backyardradio.de and www.hkw.de/hausradio. In the past, it was Radio 1:1, Reboot.fm and Juniradio. And, not to forget, a founding member of the radia.fm network of cultural radios!