ruth waldeyer


´╗┐Ruth Waldeyer
Works at ausland as part of the crew who is running ausland (technical maintainance and curating). Founded together with Elisabeth Enke the series Trockenschwimmen Workshops (sensors, hacking, technic bricolage) Works a a light designer closely together with Bruno Pocheron and Florian Bach and alone, for numerous choreographers (Annie Dorsen, Clement Layes, Fr├ęderic Gies, Anne Juren,Alica Chauchat...). As a light designer very interested in the use of different inputs for lights. This interest comes as well from a technical backgound as from an interest in the working process, i.e. all the different people involved in making a piece working together, not only discussing, but also sharing tools. Member of Gangplank, a project that addresses the question of networks and interdisciplinary creation processes in contemporary performance-making and the issue of technology as an evolving dramaturgic mean.