pinar yoldas


Pinar Yoldas is a cross-disciplinary artist, all-in-one designer and a neuro-enthusiast.
Through her work she investigates social and cultural systems in regards to biological and ecological systems. Lately she has been designing mutations, tumors and neoplasmic organs to rethink the body and its sexuality transformed by the mostly urban habitats of techno-capitalist consumerism. Her current project Speculative Biologies simulates the experience of a " natural history museum of the future" showcasing Species of Excess elegantly caged in incubators, jars, aquariums.

Katrina Nelson

I am currently a BFA student at CSU, Chico with an option in Electronic Art and an emphasis in Multimedia. I have worked as a graphic design intern on campus for over two years now and am currently beginning my fifth year in school. I've been involved with many things throughout my college career, including studying abroad for a semester in Spain, being an active member on the waterski team, and various other clubs and organizations available on campus. I love art and am currently developing my personal theme and artist statement for my graduating exhibition I'll be having this spring. I am also developing my own personal website at the moment and will be uploading it here when it's completed and live.

Nina Hoechtl

The making of each work transforms the way I see myself and the world around me. Once I start engaging in the process of working I'm embarking as well upon a journey whose point of arrival is unkown to me. For me, intentions and preconceived ideas have a very limited role in the creative process. More fascinating are the impasses, the unexpected procedures, the accidents, the unwanted discoveries, as well as time wasted and useless moves. I'm thus working in different mediums, always looking for the one that is matching to mediate what I want to tell during the process of working. Out of a personal passion either I'm visiting people that fascinate me and talk with them or I'm inviting people to participate in the process of my projects.

Corinne Kruger


I am Corinne and work as an artist at the moment. I work in three field; photography, animation and online artprojects.

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Renee Turner


Since 1996 I have collaborated with Riek Sijbring and Femke Snelting under the name, De Geuzen: a foundation for multi-visual research. Our work has employed a variety of strategies to explore female identity, critical resistance, representation and narrative archiving.

Throughout my practice with De Geuzen, writing has been as important as the visual. Whether blurbs for announcers, slogans for stickers or critical essays and interviews for thematic projects, writing has not only been a vehicle of expression, but also a means of speculation. As our work migrated to online environments, I became fascinated by the potential of digital writing and the multiple expressions it takes in a variety of media.

Valie Djordjevic

I live and work in Berlin. I studied Comparative Literature in Berlin and English language and Creative Writing in the UK. 1996 I started to work with Internationale Stadt Berlin, one of the first net culture projects in Germany. Since then I worked in different art and cultural projects including Old Boys Network and the Media Arts Lab at K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien. I am a member of mikro e.V.

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Diana McCarty

I was born and raised in New Mexico and have lived in Europe since 1993 - Budapest in 90's and Berlin in the 2000s. I am a co-founder of the faces mailing list and a happy collaborator of the Prologue: New Feminism New Europe project. Watch out for Tallin!

Most of my time is spent working with a few radio projects, mostly in Berlin - at present, and In the past, it was Radio 1:1, and Juniradio. And, not to forget, a founding member of the network of cultural radios!

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