- i am a curator/booker at the venue ausland booking musicians/bands like Haco, Kaffe Matthews,Verity Susman, Billy Roisz, Selvhenter, Chra...
- i also make music with diy-instruments/synthesizers and plants
- i am one of the host from "raudio aasland"@reboot fm and make radio documentaries on rbb kulturradio and deutschlandradio kultur
- working on my first movie soundtrack based on the sounds of plants at the moment
-filmmaker and script writer

interested in and try to connect technology, feminism, stories and sounds

Jennifer Chan


Toronto artist and curator currently based in Syracuse, NY. Works in performance, installation, video, webcams, live feeds, and theoretical writing. Previously curated at InterAccess and Vtape. Has worked and lived in Toronto and Hong Kong.

Melinda Rackham

me amsterdamsmall.jpg

Melinda makes things happen in networked, distributed, intimate, urban, regional and virtual spaces. For 25 years she has been engaged in personal creative practices across sculpture, performance, net art, multi-user environments, art science collaborations, public displays, gallery intervention; and contributed to the development of networked and emerging art practices as a convener, curator, publisher, critic and editor of exhibitions, forums, conferences and masterclasses in both hard and sand soft space.


lubi image.jpg

Lubi has been curating from The Block New Media Exhibition Space located at QUT Precincts, Kelvin Grove since 2005, working both locally, nationally and internationally on large scale new media programs, and a range of other diverse creative projects. She is responsible for developing the current and ongoing exhibition program for the Creative Industries Precinct, the extensive public program schedules, that scaffold not only the exhibition program, but also engage with the Creative Industries Precinct’s communities and the growing curatorial intern program, that engages with both under and post graduate students studying at QUT.

Lubi Thomas

lubi image.jpg

I have been consistently curating from the Queensland University of Technology’s [QUT] ‘Block’ New Media Exhibition Space since 2005, working both nationally and internationally on a number of exhibitions and large New Media projects. She has been responsible for developing the current and ongoing exhibition program for the Block, as well as the extensive public program schedules that scaffold, not only the exhibition program, but also the Creative Industries Precinct’s communities. 2009 sees the start on the ‘Para Place Project’, with a mandate to exhibit creative works on the large public projection space, every night of the year.

Ruth Catlow


As artist, co-founder and co-director of media arts organisation and its gallery HTTP Gallery in North London, I work at the intersection of art, technology and social change with artists, curators, musicians, programmers, writers, activists and thinkers from around the world. I am currently developing the artistic programme and organisational infrastructure with a focus on sustainability and Media Art Ecologies, aspiring to engender shared visions and infrastructures for other possible worlds.

eva ursprung

free lancing artist and curator
art in the electronic, social and public spaces
video, soundworks, photography, installations, performance
electronics and saxophone in various bands: wavegroom, notorious noise brigade, ursprung/rottleuthner ...
founder and president of schaumbad - freies atelierhaus graz

Mare Tralla

Mare Tralla [aka Disgusting Girl] is an Estonian-born media artist and organiser who currently lives and works in London. Currently she is a phD student at University of Westminster researching cyberfeminist art practices in Eastern-Europe in 1990s and how participation in international networks (like Faces) has influenced local practices. In Estonia she is notoriously known as feminist artist, starting with co-organising first Estonian feminist art project ‘Est.Fem’ in 1995, she became widely known in Estonian mainstream media as 'revolting female'. Her often self-ironic art questions the place and the role of women in our societies and how women from Eastern Europe are perceived or seen as in the Western world.

Kyd Campbell

Kyd Campbell works as an independent programmer, exhibition designer and curator specialized in circulation, media and audio art and also as a digital creator of public interactive situations. She has developed a number of cultural venues in Canada and Eastern Europe including collaborations with the Upgrade! International network, Public Art Lab's project Mobile Studios, the Pure Data community, the HTMlles festival, CTM, the Transmediale and CTRL_ATL_DEL festival in Istanbul. She is co-founder of tiny noise, a nomadic sound art exchange platform and contributes to digital communities and research groups focused on observing mobility and the emotional aspects of human-machine relationships.

Maria Elena Buszek


Maria Buszek, Ph.D. is a scholar, critic, curator, and Associate Professor of Art History at the University of Colorado Denver, where she teaches Modern and contemporary art.

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