Andrea Mayer-Edoloeyi

Born in 1971, self-employed in cultural work and adult education. Since 1996 committed to contemporary culture in her daily work. Now Studies in theology, philosophy and art in Linz.
Member of the board of KUPF (cultural organisation network in Upper Austria), KUPFakademie and PANGEA.


Carola Unterberger-Probst works as a media artist, philosopher and producer of exhibitions. She occupies herself with the postmodern discourse, deconstruction and questions on media and arts. The basis of her art works are fragments of the "media world".

Aileen Derieg

I work as a translator in Linz, Austria, with an emphasis on contemporary art and new media. Mostly I translate exhibition catalogues and articles for art journals and academic publications, but my greatest interest is in understanding all the different layers of communication technologies, how we use them and how they influence us.

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Diana McCarty

I was born and raised in New Mexico and have lived in Europe since 1993 - Budapest in 90's and Berlin in the 2000s. I am a co-founder of the faces mailing list and a happy collaborator of the Prologue: New Feminism New Europe project. Watch out for Tallin!

Most of my time is spent working with a few radio projects, mostly in Berlin - at present, and In the past, it was Radio 1:1, and Juniradio. And, not to forget, a founding member of the network of cultural radios!

Ushi ur Reiter


Us(c)hi Reiter studied graphic and design at the Kunstuniverstät Linz. As artist and web developer with a special interesst in net.activism and audio-visual communication she has been collaborating with different groups and artists since 1998.

She continues to research Free/Libre/Open Source Software in the frame of cultural production and art as well as work on conceptual and performative setups using electronic and analog media.

Since June 2005 Reiter runs the non-profit cultural backbone organisation & Kultur im Netz. (

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