Art may be using new technologies, new media or new contexts of exhibiting, however this does not essentially create ‘new art’. ‘New art’ asks for a new attitude towards what art actually is and what art actually does. ‘New art’ also asks for preliminary questions: Is there at present an urgency which calls for ‘new art’ and if so, can we determine what that is? My guess would be ‘yes’ to both questions. We are here, now, to find out.



lives and works in Rotterdam. She is a IT Manager with a great interest in communication and in people. In the beginning of 1996 she founded the Webgrrls Chapter in Holland and Belgium. Left Webgrrls in 1997. Now Corrine has her own Computer Consultancy Business called Webdiva

Marischka Klinkhamer

I am currently making instalations and performance in the virtual world of Secondlife. This has been my prefered creative platform for the last two years because of the possiblity to meet international artists and bring together most 2 and 3D mediums, like multi-media, sculpture and animation, in real time.

I am interested in that which lays between, the area where binary codes and constructs collapse and cease to function. Gender bending and blending is in my experience the only area that truly confronts and breaks down all these codes.

My Sites: 

Design and animation of Metropolis robot for a virtual remake of Metropolis in Secondlife:

Animation of workers unrest scene for Metropolis (only the unrest scene animation is my work):
An edit that another machinima maker made from the same scene:

Artist in residence work at Diabolis in Secondlife (The avatar with the nologo t-shirt on is not me!)

Different instalations - more of the same:


Marlena Novak

I am interested in the social and philosophical implications that exist when one realizes that ‘seeing is not believing', since it is within the limits of our perceptual framework that we interpret and act within the world. My work focuses on the construction of realities through our perceptual faculties, with the conceptual basis of the work determining the method and material used in its expression. This has included the use of interactive digital electronics as well as low-tech means in exploring themes as varied as abstract narrative, boundaries relating to physical and intangible properties, issues of trespass, and the mating behavior of hermaphroditic flatworms.

My Sites: 

Wietske Harmanna Maas

My background is a miscellany of different tangents: working as a painter, a museum ornithology preparator (taxidermist), a sommelier and radio-making. Based in Amsterdam since 2005, 5've been working with the European Cultural Foundation’s arts programme.

Corinne Kruger


I am Corinne and work as an artist at the moment. I work in three field; photography, animation and online artprojects.

More about me:

Debra Solomon

In 2004, Debra Solomon (US/NL) began publishing her independent research on on food, food culture, and the culture that grows our food. is an internationally recognized resource about food systems, sustainability, urban agriculture, food-related art/design, architecture, and urban planning.

Solomon’s recent work includes temporary 'concept' restaurants e.g. a sprout restaurant exclusively serving micro-greens based up on the notion that anyone, even those without land and light can contribute to feeding themselves.

Donna Metzlar

Donna Metzlar (1969) has a varied background. The one aspect which remains constant is her commitment to social change. Over the past 7 years she has actively been involved in the Genderchangers, a group of women enamoured with technology, especially free software, open source hardware and the universal interoperability of systems. She takes a lead role in the annual event the Eclectic Tech Carnival (/ETC) and the Systerserver. This server is run by women only, hosts feminist websites and offers women interested in gaining system administration skills a work experience space. Together with Melanie Rieback she initiated the Girl Geek Dinner social network in Amsterdam and is board member of the WAITS Foundation.

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