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Margit Nobis

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Margit Nobis,
Visual Artist,

1977 born in Salzburg
lives in Vienna, A

- Master's degree "Experimental Design"
/ University of Art and Design Linz
- Academic exchange / University of the
West of England, AMD, Bristol

Working in the fields of



Montréal/Rotterdam based media designer, artist and researcher

I often work around forms of (mediated) collective storytelling. I tell the stories through a different interface, revealing or questioning structures and assumptions inherent to the underpinning systems. Central to my practice is working with FLOSS and hardware hacking as a means to re-purpose objects and to endow them with functionalities that challenge perception.

Alina Aleksandrovna Dremaylova

My name is Alina. I'm representing Moscow MediaArtLab - Centre for art and culture. I work there not so long but I like my job, I'm curator.


Carola Unterberger-Probst works as a media artist, philosopher and producer of exhibitions. She occupies herself with the postmodern discourse, deconstruction and questions on media and arts. The basis of her art works are fragments of the "media world".

Nancy Mauro-Flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude [1975 - *]

Performing artist working with experimental media in fine art and theatre contexts.
Based in Tasmania.

Artistic practice revolves around the combinations of bricolage, metaphysics and Linux computing. This research is based in speculative experimentation with performance, bricolage and electronic media.

Mare Tralla

Mare Tralla [aka Disgusting Girl] is an Estonian-born media artist and organiser who currently lives and works in London. Currently she is a phD student at University of Westminster researching cyberfeminist art practices in Eastern-Europe in 1990s and how participation in international networks (like Faces) has influenced local practices. In Estonia she is notoriously known as feminist artist, starting with co-organising first Estonian feminist art project ‘Est.Fem’ in 1995, she became widely known in Estonian mainstream media as 'revolting female'. Her often self-ironic art questions the place and the role of women in our societies and how women from Eastern Europe are perceived or seen as in the Western world.

Lucy Hg

The League of Imaginary Scientists: members of the LeagueThe League of Imaginary Scientists: members of the League As research coordinator for the League of Imaginary Scientists, Lucy Hg facilitates collaborative endeavors by an international community of creative scientists, mechanically-inclined artists, and absurdist inventors (think subterfuge meets centrifuge). Multidisciplinary projects by Lucy Hg and the League exhibit globally. Her catalog of Imaginary Science, consisting of animated diagrams of everyday life, was featured in Colombia’s celebration of the World Year of Physics in Bogotá in 2005.

Tanja Vujinovic

Tanja Vujinovic (b.1973) is a media artist and researcher in the fields of art and technology. Tanja uses custom electronics, textiles, and various software applications to create playful experiences through dynamic works employing toy-like objects, touch, sound, and visuals. Her "Discreet Events in Noisy Domains" works deal with the phenomena of chance operations, interfaces, toys, gadgets, noise, and signals.

Nina Czegledy

working as media artist, curator and writer internationally on collaborative art& science& technology projects
affiliated with University of Toronto, Concordia Montreal, Moholy Nagy University, Budapest
co-chair Leonardo Education Forum

Corinne Kruger


I am Corinne and work as an artist at the moment. I work in three field; photography, animation and online artprojects.

More about me:

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