Jennifer Chan


Toronto artist and curator currently based in Syracuse, NY. Works in performance, installation, video, webcams, live feeds, and theoretical writing. Previously curated at InterAccess and Vtape. Has worked and lived in Toronto and Hong Kong.


As an artist with a particular interest in community-related projects, she has been deeply interested in exploring the new labour practices that have developed in the neo-liberal political/economic environment, as an articulation and consequence of globalisation, and the impact of such practices upon deeply gendered work experience.

Varsha Nair


(drawing by Lena Eriksson)

Varsha Nair has exhibited her solo and collaborative works internationally, and in Thailand where she has lived since 1995. Editorial board member of the web art journal Ctrl+P, she has also curated and organized art exhibitions and projects including for Womanifesto.
Currently also developing a community based project in sites in India, and working on a collaborative performance work

Tamiko Thiel

I am interested in developing the dramatic and narrative capabilities of interactive 3D virtual reality installations as a medium for addressing social and cultural issues. I show my work internationally at conferences such as Siggraph and ISEA, and in venues such as the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and the International Center for Photography in New York. My work has been supported by awards such as the IBM Innovation Award, WIRED Magazine computer art award, a Japan Foundation Fellowship, Hauptstadtkulturfonds of Germany, MIT CAVS fellowship and the IAMAS media art academy in Japan.

eva ursprung

free lancing artist and curator
art in the electronic, social and public spaces
video, soundworks, photography, installations, performance
electronics and saxophone in various bands: wavegroom, notorious noise brigade, ursprung/rottleuthner ...
founder and president of schaumbad - freies atelierhaus graz

Sissu Tarka


Sissu Tarka is an artist and researcher with an interest in the criticality of emerging practices and economies of art. Recent explorations include themes such as revolution, ornamental structures, and the potential of conviviality inherent to exchanging and transferring thought. Tarka was born in Helsinki and currently lives in London. After completing a PhD in Fine Arts at Central Saint Martins London, she joined CRUMB web resource for new media art curators. When not with CRUMB she collaborates with Colm Lally (E:ventGallery London) to explore event structures, dialogical forms, agency and artistic intervention in contemporary practices.

Linda Pilgrim

visual versus verbal articulation, color, international encounters and understanding, language, line, collaboration, solitude, misunderstandings, "American" culture, women and "American" culture, cities, suburbia, community, isolation, desolation, motivation, inertia, HOPE, Obama phenonmenon

Nina Hoechtl

The making of each work transforms the way I see myself and the world around me. Once I start engaging in the process of working I'm embarking as well upon a journey whose point of arrival is unkown to me. For me, intentions and preconceived ideas have a very limited role in the creative process. More fascinating are the impasses, the unexpected procedures, the accidents, the unwanted discoveries, as well as time wasted and useless moves. I'm thus working in different mediums, always looking for the one that is matching to mediate what I want to tell during the process of working. Out of a personal passion either I'm visiting people that fascinate me and talk with them or I'm inviting people to participate in the process of my projects.

Debra Solomon

In 2004, Debra Solomon (US/NL) began publishing her independent research on on food, food culture, and the culture that grows our food. is an internationally recognized resource about food systems, sustainability, urban agriculture, food-related art/design, architecture, and urban planning.

Solomon’s recent work includes temporary 'concept' restaurants e.g. a sprout restaurant exclusively serving micro-greens based up on the notion that anyone, even those without land and light can contribute to feeding themselves.

Tracey Meziane Benson

For many years, I have focused on notions of national identity, tourism, borders and identity as themes within my creative practice. Since 1995, I have been working with the www and digital video installation and have participated in: Luminous Green 2008; ANAT Open Source Lab 2007; ISEA2008; AOIR 2006; ISEA2004; Siggraph 2001; N5M4, Amsterdam 2003; N5M3; MAAP’99 and MAAP2000. In 2007, I co-founded the Canberra chapter of dorkbot with Alexandra Gillespie and was a moderator on the internationally renowned new media list –empyre- from 2005-07. My web site has been online for over 10 years and is part of the Natioanl Library of Australia's Pandora archive.

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