martina freundorfer


Diplom-Informatikerin (FH), Webentwicklerin bei Sie ist langjähriges aktives Mitglied in folgenden Vereinen:

- dib e.V. (deutscher ingenieurinnenbund)
- webgrrls (Businessnetzwerk für Frauen im Web)
- Chaos Computer Club (CCC e.V.)

Ihre thematischen Schwerpunkte sind die Vor- und Nachteile von Web
2.0 und die informationelle Selbstbestimmung im Netz.

Vortragsthemen auf Deutsch und Englisch z.B.:

- Facebook, Twitter, XING, LinkedIn - Kommunikation unter Frauen
- Geocaching - Schatzsuche per GPS und Koordinaten
- E-Mail-Verschlüsselung mit PGP
- Social Media Interaktion - Podcasting, Blogs, Videos
- Webentwicklung - HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript
- Gender Diversity, Feminismus, Frauen in der Technik
- Datenschutz, IT-Sicherheit


- i am a curator/booker at the venue ausland booking musicians/bands like Haco, Kaffe Matthews,Verity Susman, Billy Roisz, Selvhenter, Chra...
- i also make music with diy-instruments/synthesizers and plants
- i am one of the host from "raudio aasland"@reboot fm and make radio documentaries on rbb kulturradio and deutschlandradio kultur
- working on my first movie soundtrack based on the sounds of plants at the moment
-filmmaker and script writer

interested in and try to connect technology, feminism, stories and sounds

Maru Ituarte

I am a video artist, living and working in Berlin. Among others, my fields of interest include aesthetics, philosophy of mind, phenomenology, developmental psychology and education. I don't consider myself very political, but recently I've been drawn to address (out of self-interest, I'm afraid) certain issues in cultural politics and human rights.

Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez

Interdisciplinary artist walking the line between organic and digital art, free of any commitment to trends and 'isms' to in order to freely create my work.

I operate under the name QUIET REVOLUTION, which I consider an instigative state of mind permeating the worlds of conceptual and performance art, installation, videodance, video-poetry, filmmaking, printmaking, videoart, VJ'ing, investigations and propositions in media culture and the global internetworked society.

Pascale Barret


In Situ->video->drawing/ sound->text->performance/ virtual & physical spaces/ avatars->identities->gender & animal Studies->labo-science/ Gueer(Geek&Queer)

"Pascale Barret is a contemporary media artist working with emotions, interaction, intimacy...
Her artistic research builds many links with the scientific research, numerical worlds (data, virtual geometries, avatars, physical and natural models …) and with the physical world and the individual.
Her questions by this search approach topics such as the identity in the metaverse, the place of the body in technology, the representation of oneself in a virtual world, the interactions with mixed environments, presence and immersion, interface between body and technology."

Barbara von Rechbach

Barbara von Rechbach is research fellow and consultant for Crossmedia and Exhibition Design and Management at the Department for Image Science, Danube University Krems. She is course leader for the MSc-program for Crossmedia Design & Development and lecturer for Exhibition Design and Management and Media Design/eEducation with a focus on Social Media and Viral Marketing for arts, culture and science.
Barbara has a background in media arts and hypermedia and is planning a PhD in Design Theory at the University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Prof. Alison Clarke) about Deviant Products.

Clea T. Waite


Clea T. Waite is a research-artist whose experimental video works examine the meta-meanings found in unlikely correspondences between science and myth. Native to New York City and based in Berlin, Waite studied Physics at MIT and 3D Computer Graphics at the MIT Media Lab. Her artistic process incorporates a dual path of inquiry, balancing aesthetic exploration with innovative, technical realization. She creates sensual, non-linear, visual poems which playfully explore the human oeuvre. Waite has held positions at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, and the Academy of Film &Television (HFF), Babelsberg. She has been a fellow at the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study, the Academy of Media Arts Cologne, and other institutions. Her works have been exhibited and received prizes internationally.

Tamiko Thiel

I am interested in developing the dramatic and narrative capabilities of interactive 3D virtual reality installations as a medium for addressing social and cultural issues. I show my work internationally at conferences such as Siggraph and ISEA, and in venues such as the Fondazione Querini Stampalia in Venice, the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography and the International Center for Photography in New York. My work has been supported by awards such as the IBM Innovation Award, WIRED Magazine computer art award, a Japan Foundation Fellowship, Hauptstadtkulturfonds of Germany, MIT CAVS fellowship and the IAMAS media art academy in Japan.

Jodi Rose

I'm an artist, writer, radio producer and experimental music composer who first started listening to bridge cables in 1994, and created Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. I work with field-recordings, on-site interventions and improvisation, in collaboration with artists around the world, and have traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta and Singapore to Paris, in an endless quest for bridge music. Work is recently exhibited, broadcast & performed at ISEA, European Sound Delta, Pixelache, Transit Lounge, Liquid Architecture 9,, Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival & Radio WNE.

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