Subscription policy

If you want to subscribe to the FACES mailing list, please go to the FACES mailing list page to enter your details. Registering for this web interface will NOT get you on the list. You will only be able to add to the website.

FACES website
The subscription to the FACES website is open for women who want to present themselves to a broader public in the field of gender, art, media and technology. In order to protect the website from spamers and flamers new FACES members have to be approved by the administrators after subscribing to the website. Your FACES Profile Page is visible to all web users. Certain details (like your email) are not public.

FACES mailing list
The subscription to the FACES maling list is open for women working with gender, art, media and technology – be it as activists, artists, writers, critics, researchers or programmers. The archive of the list is not public.
If you want to subscribe to the list go to the FACES mailing list page and submit your email address. The mods of the mailing list will get in contact with you. Basically we ask all mailing list members to provide a short statement of interest and fields of work together with a two or three sentence bio so we can see that they can contribute to and profit from the FACES network.

Privacy Statement
The administrators are committed to protect the privacy of FACES. The FACES website and the mailing list are hosted on the community Server. is a network of trust and cultural backbone with no commercial targets located in Linz, Austria. The FACES community is administrated and maintained by Diana McCarty, Kathy Rae Huffman, Ushi Reiter and Valie Djordjevic.