Trish Adams

LEA cells.JPG

In my trans-disciplinary Postdoctoral research I am brokering new art/science collaborations whilst continuing my explorations into innovative art/science practices. My artworks are grounded in the interconnectedness between the biomedical sciences and twenty first century perceptions of the “self”. They are structured to facilitate individual viewer immersion and completion through participation - either in real-time or virtually. I re-position installation viewers as active participants rather than passive observers of pre-existing systems. I focus on reinterpreting the research data from my scientific experiments and recontextualising it in interactive artworks, using a range of media. Interactive technologies also enable me to create situations for participants that reference my own experiences in laboratories, where I have assumed the role of a human guinea pig and experimented upon myself. My methodologies reflect my engagement with the biological sciences and my inquiries into the status of living organisms, corporeality and embodiment.