Vanessa Ramos-Velasquez

Interdisciplinary artist walking the line between organic and digital art, free of any commitment to trends and 'isms' to in order to freely create my work.

I operate under the name QUIET REVOLUTION, which I consider an instigative state of mind permeating the worlds of conceptual and performance art, installation, videodance, video-poetry, filmmaking, printmaking, videoart, VJ'ing, investigations and propositions in media culture and the global internetworked society.

My process is a non-dogmatic convergence of Anthropophagic life experiments, Neo-Concretist interactive rituals, Dadaistic games & chance operations, and streams of consciousness engaging the multisensorial capabilities of the human experience. Low tech meets high tech. interactive means active, like people touching the art or each other whether technology leads them there or not.