Born in Paris, I'm a VJ now based in Lille, North of France, with eclectic musical tastes that reflect in the diversity of live video acts I bring to gigs, parties and festivals across France and Europe.

My main project right now is Strap-on dildoS, with the UrbanPorn crew : an activist collective made of visual artists, musicians, performers, dancers and "sex workers for free" ! Sharing the same critical views on culturally-established habits, the "Strapettes" aim at deconstructing normative discourses about gender, sexual practices and identities, by means of porn workshops and performances in the public space.

Built upon feminist and queer theories, Strap-on dildoS performance is an audiovisual act enhanced by live stage performances, questionning the construction of gender identities and the standardization of most social behaviours, whether it relates to sexuality, artistic practices or political actions. Electrified by DJ Saiz' beats and riffs, erelevil and -[eMTv]- kick these politically-correct norms in the ass by mixing on screen 100% DIY video material shot with the Strap-on dildoS performers during in- and out-doors pornographic workshops and public actions.