Faces-l.net offline on 8.02.2013


A small but important info about our running website under www.faces-l.net. As the version of the system (Drupal 5) is meanwhile old and has some security issues we can't fix, we have to take it down until the new stable version I want to use for the FACES website (Drupal Commons) is available, which will be in march.

I will be able to secure your login data but not the content of your profile page. (Its too much work to be honest)

Please have a look on your own profile page and in the case you want to keep it just save the content of your page in in a text file and save it on your computer until we are ready for a new start.

Faces-l.net will be available until Friday 8th 10:00 am.

After I have set up the new version of the website I will inform you and tell you what to do.

Thank you for your patience and understanding!
All the best Ushi, Linz