Helen Varley Jamieson


I am a writer, theatre practitioner & digital artist from New Zealand, currently based in Munich, Germany. I hold a Master of Arts (Research) investigating my practice of cyberformance, that is live performance on the internet. I am a founding member of the globally dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, and part of the UpStage project, an open source web-based platform for cyberformance.
My background is as a theatre practitioner, and I have also worked professionally in the internet industry since the mid-90s. Cyberformance is a hybrid practice situated between theatre and digital/net arts which has given me a broad general knowledge across disciplines.
I am actively involved in numerous arts networks including faces, the eclectic tech carnival, netbehaviour, the Aotearoa Digital Arts network, the Magdalena Project, Webgrrrls Aotearoa and others.
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