Cym Net

Traveling around Europe, researching the relation between virtual reality and real life, circumnavigating the question of success and failure. Recently transforming an old farm in southeast Austria into a modern art center.


No Men's Land

In her project 'No Men's Land' cym creates a transition of a real life situation into an abstract, almost poetic, composition that can be viewed only by the means of modern technology (a web browser). The original photos show the imaginary lines that define the different European countries and show the transitions of these imaginary lines through recent time.

Annetta Kapon

Annetta Kapon’s multi-media works, videos, sculptures, photos and drawings, are structured on ideas of horizontality, photography, language, labor and repetition. Her highly mediated representations are of things that are not what they appear to be, yet they do not lie. Her uncanny sculptures often contain familiar objects whose combinations and recontextualizations allow a rethinking of their political, historic and symbolic meaning.

nancy buchanan

Graduated from UC Irvine; worked in performance art 1974-1987; have made videotapes and installations since 1977. Involved in many artists' groups, including F Space, the Los Angeles Woman's Building, Double X, LACE. Teaching in the School of Film/Video at CalArts since 1988. Recent exhibitions include "Los Angeles 1955-1985," Centre Pompidou, "California Video," Getty Institute, Los Angeles.

Helen Varley Jamieson


I am a writer, theatre practitioner & digital artist from New Zealand, currently based in Munich, Germany. I hold a Master of Arts (Research) investigating my practice of cyberformance, that is live performance on the internet. I am a founding member of the globally dispersed cyberformance troupe Avatar Body Collision, and part of the UpStage project, an open source web-based platform for cyberformance.

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