Nancy Mauro-Flude

Nancy Mauro-Flude [1975 - *]

Performing artist working with experimental media in fine art and theatre contexts.
Based in Tasmania.

Artistic practice revolves around the combinations of bricolage, metaphysics and Linux computing. This research is based in speculative experimentation with performance, bricolage and electronic media.

Talks, performs and exhibits at events and venues throughout Europe, South America and Australasia such as; Netherlands New Media Art Institute, Imal (Brussesl), ESC (Graz), FILE electronic art festival (Brazil), ISEA, M.I.T., V2_Institute of Unstable Media, Performance Space, ArtSpace, Planet Art, International Festival of Computer Arts Maribor (Slovenia), Bergen Center for Electronic Arts, Amber Digital festival of body-process arts (Instanbul), STEIM Centre for research & development of instruments & tools for performers in the electronic performance arts, Waag Society/for Old and New Media (Amsterdam), Critical Path (Sydney) quartier21|MuseumsQuartier (Vienna) , WORM (Rotterdam) and the World Wide Web.

Recent graduate from Piet Zwart Institute of Media Design, in 2007 she was Honorary Researcher at the School for Electronic Media, Slade School of Fine Art.

Founding member of Moddr_electronic tools lab @WORM Rotterdam, and developer of /etc Eclectic Tech Carnival, international women's hack lab.

'Nancy's work is a generative collision of net technology, riot grrl, dance, open source programming, vaudeville and the concerns of the psyche, her work weaves together transcendent practices of many kinds while feeding from the rot and beauty of contemporary daily life'.
-Filter Magazine #59. 2005. Linda Dement