Invisible borders /le Festival International de Films de Femmes de Créteil

Our eyes, our hearts, our memory, remember the laughter, revolts, angers, fantasies of women filmmakers worldwide that came to share and celebrate in images our 30 years of Festival.

The concept of border reacts to more subtle, more hidden, even invisible and discriminatory effects. The largest geographical border runs over 8893 km between the United States and Canada. The smallest, 3km, which separates the Vatican from the rest of Italy? But what about the invisible borders between cultures; between us and others? Our 2009 program guideline will be political and will be articulated on a parallel between the United States of Europe and the United States of America with a 30 film program coming from both continents and a large brainstorming Forum on the impact of cultural diversity throughout cinema made by women.

This section will feature images of rich intercultural communities on both continents in order to point out new borders and explore all new film styles. A special night featuring female cinema of gender films will bring together police, fantastic and science fiction, erotic films or even vampire horror movies made by women. The surprise Self-portrait of an American actress shows our will to invite most outstanding professional and talented personalities. Why not? Isabella Rossellini (lets cross our fingers)! Didn’t she just make "porno green" film for cell phones! New: 2nd European WFFN network meeting (Women Filmmaker’s International), with the special edition of a book focused on women filmmakers specificity including 30 portraits of filmmakers discovered at Creteil. Lots of History, memory, territorial issues and you will just love it! Come to where it makes a difference!