Machine Divas / Artist Engineers

Event Start: 
16/07/2009 - 19:00
Event End: 
23/07/2009 - 23:00

IMA Salon #8 09: Symposion and Worklab
Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Herrengasse 13, Vienna, Austria

Helen Varley Jamieson, cyberformanceHelen Varley Jamieson, cyberformance

Opening 16. 7. 19:00
Performance by Andrea Sodomka (A): "Two Passersby Meeting In The Crowd" - an alien production with
avatar coral–x and Lisa-Maria Brandstötter

Introduction by Eva Ursprung (A)
Monika Fleischmann (D) - Touch. The construction of reality in interactive media art
Kathy Rae Huffman (USA) - Electric Brides
Sabine Perthold (A) - Fan-, fan-, fanatisch, wir tanzen automatisch!
Helen Varley Jamieson (NZ/AUT) - Cyberformance

17. 7. - 22. 7., 11:00 - 17:00 (except Sunday)
Worklab "Desktop Theater" with Helen Varley Jamieson
Cyberformance and the creation of live online performances using UpStage
Applications until July 14th, 2009 at
Workshop fee: Eur 30,-

July 23, 19:00: Cyberformance "Machine Divas"
Real time online performance with Helen Varley Jamieson, Suzon Fuks (remote) and workshop participants

"Machine Divas” is what Virginia Eubanks – in an interview about the Survival Research Laboratories – calls the women working in this group.
Andrea Sodomka and Eva Ursprung refer to this term with their IMA-Salon "Art Engineers vs. Machine Divas", which startet at ars electronica 2007,

It is an ´ongoing research on woman artists using technology for their work in nowadays expanded „theater space“. The reflection on the term „Machine Diva“ draws questions on self-definition and the possibility of something like a shared identity.

IMA – Institute of Media Archeology, is located in Hainburg, Austria and works internationally.
The emphasis is on unearthing female productions in the field of electronic arts, analysing their place in the overall historical context and making them visible for a wider public.