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My personal practice is currently the subject of my PhD research; as a body of work it explores and creates opportunities for dialogue about identity-actualization of the subjective self, of concepts of an embodied or corporeal self, and of human-being-ness in a techno-cultural shared space; using traditional and experimental media the work explores the increasing intimacy between biological and technological systems, and the necessary shifts in thinking, policy and lifestyles inherent in such a relationship.

Margit Nobis

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Margit Nobis,
Visual Artist,

1977 born in Salzburg
lives in Vienna, A

- Master's degree "Experimental Design"
/ University of Art and Design Linz
- Academic exchange / University of the
West of England, AMD, Bristol

Working in the fields of

heide hatry

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I am a visual artist and curator. I grew up in Germany, where I studied art at various art schools and art history at the University of Heidelberg. After I moved to NYC in 2003 I have curated several exhibitions in Germany, Spain and the USA (notably 'Skin' at the Goethe Institut in New York, the Heidelberger Kunstverein and Galeria Tribeca in Madrid, Spain; 'Out of the Box' at Elga Wimmer PCC in NYC, 'Carolee Schneemann, Early and Recent Work, A Survey' at Pierre Menard Gallery in Cambridge, MA and 'Meat After Meat Joy' at Daneyal Mahmood Gallery, NYC). I have shown my work at museums and galleries in those countries as well and edited more than a dozen books and art catalogues. Kehrer Verlag published my book 'Skin' in 2005.

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