visual communication

leigh haas

Creative Director of flora&faunavisions in berlin

Back with a vision: flora&faunavisions launches showreel and website
Your first point of call for all things visual, from motion graphics to film trailers, event design to interactive 3D installations, is back with a bang. And then some.

It’s been a while in the making – and well worth the wait: on January 27th, flora&faunavisions brightens up the new year with two special treats. Going strong since 1999, it’s time to celebrate a decade of sparkling ideas, glistening gems and shining examples of multi-disciplinary design with the launch of our radically reworked website and new showreel.

martine anderfuhren

Studied visual art and visual communication in Berlin and Geneva. Worked as graphic designer, curatrice and artist. Actually, professor(trice) in the School of art and design, Geneva, section visual communication. Ongoing project with pre-school kids on gardening as an "artistic" practice - an attitude towards live

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