- i am a curator/booker at the venue ausland booking musicians/bands like Haco, Kaffe Matthews,Verity Susman, Billy Roisz, Selvhenter, Chra...
- i also make music with diy-instruments/synthesizers and plants
- i am one of the host from "raudio aasland"@reboot fm and make radio documentaries on rbb kulturradio and deutschlandradio kultur
- working on my first movie soundtrack based on the sounds of plants at the moment
-filmmaker and script writer

interested in and try to connect technology, feminism, stories and sounds

Jodi Rose

I'm an artist, writer, radio producer and experimental music composer who first started listening to bridge cables in 1994, and created Singing Bridges, an urban sonic sculpture using the cables of bridges as musical instruments on a global scale. I work with field-recordings, on-site interventions and improvisation, in collaboration with artists around the world, and have traversed the globe from Helsinki to the Mekong Delta and Singapore to Paris, in an endless quest for bridge music. Work is recently exhibited, broadcast & performed at ISEA, European Sound Delta, Pixelache, Transit Lounge, Liquid Architecture 9,, Das Kleine Field Recordings Festival & Radio WNE.

Marlena Gesine Corcoran

lyric, drama, sound, memoir, myth, story, ASL, literacy, Plaintext Players, sign language, Orpheus, Isis, Athena, Helena, the story of salvation, eighteen, nineteen, twenty, twenty-one, twenty-two, twenty-three, twenty-four, twenty-five

Diana McCarty

I was born and raised in New Mexico and have lived in Europe since 1993 - Budapest in 90's and Berlin in the 2000s. I am a co-founder of the faces mailing list and a happy collaborator of the Prologue: New Feminism New Europe project. Watch out for Tallin!

Most of my time is spent working with a few radio projects, mostly in Berlin - at present, and In the past, it was Radio 1:1, and Juniradio. And, not to forget, a founding member of the network of cultural radios!

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