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I am interested in the geographies of surveillance and the body. My work moves from the directly "say it as it is" biographical to the layering of fictional biographies onto the city, the gallery and the virtual.

Coming from initial studies in sculpture and printmaking I have been making work in various forms for some time starting off with political poster, sticker making and super 8 film making in the 1980's and moving to new media and video in 1988. You can see more of my solo projects at

I am very interested in the mother/daughter relationship and have made a lot of work that engages both with my relationship with my long dead mother and that of being a mother.

I am currently working on a project that merges live art, film making and site specific installation practices into souveillant out door presentation in three different cities

I have a continued interest and history in instigating possibilities for/with other artists, through the gallery Elastic Residence which is aimed at providing opportunities in London to exhibit non object based practices; off site projects such as the KISSS project which recently exhibited at Castlefield gallery in Manchester and other collaborations


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