Women Beyond the Age of 50

On Thursday 10th I will be travelling to Heidelberg, Germany to speak at a conference by the name: "Women 50 onwards. Between individual needs and social norms" My talk is called: "Draft, tell and show. Digital self/representations of older women" My main point is to show that the miss representation or non representation is political and as long as women do not have the knowledge and tools AND the zest to represent their individual selves these terms won't change. After reflecting on what isn't there, I hope to initiate an empowering selfrepresentation workshop to enable at least a small number of women beyond 50 to use digital tools (as filming, editing, converting/uploading) for their own work/ideas/hopes..

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"Jealous of your Avatar? - Welcome to 'Woman in her 50s' Anatomy On-line', the place for interactive and educational views of the woman in her 50s' body."


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Interesting! A few years ago my father became the rep for older people who are members of Hosteling International. He works with the association now to help make sure all age groups enjoy traveling and accessing the hostels.

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