Rio de Janeiro

Josely Carvalho


My individual work as an artist has developed within the structure of a visual diary - a journal, perhaps a journey. "Diary of Images", the name I have given to the body of my work, is an on-going process, a record of events, an exposé of cultural issues, a receptacle of personal and collective memories. From photo-silkscreen to video, from physical to digital, the body of my work in the last 30 years can be described as an open hybrid book. At present, I have added olfactory art as a new medium and its capacity to resurface emotions and individual/collective memories.

Regina Célia Pinto


Born in Rio de Janeiro, Regina Célia Pinto is a teacher, a researcher and an independent artist. As a researcher she has written a variety of academic works, including published scientific essays. As a visual artist, she has participated in several exhibitions and curated several.

Her interest in new media art started in 1997. Since then she has lived, has loved and has believed in So that all her work as artist or curator is done for the web.

The majority of her works shows her deep interest for cyberliterature.

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