Macu Moran


As economist in the arts I had a dream: a clarified market for ideas. Yes, ideas, as intangible as digital production, nothing too crazy. So I started by digital art production, VideoArtWorld, creating standards to respect, responsibly acquire and preserve the intangible heritage. It worked! After decades facing all sorts of handicaps, video art is now part of the art market.

Next step, a profitable non-polluting industry of ideas exchanges, which will only be possible respecting each input of professionals working in the industry of thought.

I can buy you a flower, but work is work.

'Long live the immaterial!' Yves Klein.

virginia villaplana


explores writing as a negotiation between tales of fiction and documentaries, gender narratives, the strategies from Do it yourself to Do it together, the palimpsest, contextual participation and means in cultural practice.

Amaia Castro

Ruby on Rails and SPIP web developer/programmer and gnu/linux sysadmin at Dabne (, a workers cooperative in Madrid working with free software, currently formed by three tech women.

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