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Pamela Vitale


Artist by nature all my life born to be creative in every way...painter, dancer, performance, music/sound, sculpture, video, poetry...screenplays, indie films you name it I've tried it.

In my creative process I express the deepest darkest ideas of the mind, soul and body by using situations, figures and artificial shapes to emulate nature in a futuristic way. I also use layering, transparency and texture to express these ideas...whether societal, emotional or political.

Ana Carvalho


With a focus on visual communication, I extend my interests across disciplines and areas of knowledge, feeding a strong curiosity about everything. Central subjects to my work are identity (collective and individual), memory and uses of technology. Art projects evidence process as art and are practical reflections on fictional biography, social utopias, ways of knowing and women's achievements. Outcomes take form of texts (books), photographs, installations and live audiovisual performances. Blogging is used as reflective tool on processes and results.

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